Have you ever dreamed of taking your dog out for a nice stroll and having them walk calmly by your side? Or having a dog who greets guests with all four feet on the floor as opposed to jumping sky high at the sound of the doorbell? What about a dog who waits at doorways, is comfortable in a crate, and has a reliable potty training schedule? Whether you’re looking to improve your obedience training, seeking professional help for separation anxiety, reactivity, and/or aggression, or just looking to take your relationship with your pup to the next level, you’re in the right place.

Here at Northern Bound K9 dog training, we understand that every dog is different. Our unique training programs will be tailored to fit your needs as we work to strengthen the bond between you and your dog using clear communication, lifestyle changes, and balanced training.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your dog, are at your wits end with their crazy antics, or want to start off on the right foot with your new pup, get in touch today! 


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I can't recommend Jenn highly enough! Georgie had been through all kinds of training and it wasn't until she went to board and train with Jenn that she was finally able to lose her food aggression, be socially appropriate with other dogs, and most importantly, stop fighting at home with my first dog Maggie. Jenn was my last ditch effort and I'm so grateful I was able to keep Georgie. 
- Jen B.

I was in a panic trying to find a trainer after my landlord gave me a warning about my rescue dog’s (Lola) aggressive behavior. Jennifer was a prayer answered. She took the time to understand the root cause of Lola’s issues, then developed a training program to correct the behavior. Most importantly, she taught me how to work with Lola, which was crucial to Lola’s transformation. Because of Jenn and her kindness, tenacity, genuine love of dogs, and experience, Lola is a changed dog. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
-Michelle H.

We can't recommend Jenn enough! She came to us highly rated from friends and did not disappoint. We wanted training specific to leash pulling and leash aggression with our 2 year old Samoyed. We did an individual lesson with her prior to committing to a 3-week board & train program that completely changed our dog's leash behavior for the better. We saw a huge improvement at the halfway lesson and now have little to no issues with pulling on leash as our pup is happy to walk beside us in unison. We are so thankful to Jenn and her training practices.
-Danielle F. 

Jennifer has been fantastic working with my rescue Sadie. She is responsive and available in between sessions and is clearly in our corner to make sure we have our best life together! Jennifer’s balanced training methodology has helped Sadie and I so much on our journey. Sadie’s time during her board and train helped her so much and it is all thanks to Jennifer.
-Lindsey P.

I will never forget the day Jenn came to meet Tucker. I said “this dog is awful!” but Jenn took him out for a lesson, brought him back an hour later and Tucker was a changed dog! He walked into the house, went straight to his bed, and just went to sleep. He was so tired! Within a few sessions, we saw a huge improvement! I 110% recommend Jenn, and Tucker misses her dearly!
-Carissa D.

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Meet the Trainer

I’m Jennifer Spence, founder and lead trainer of Northern Bound K9, and I’m so glad you’re here! Finding the person who will help transform your relationship with your dog can feel high stakes but the good news is you’re in the right place. I’ve been working with dogs for over 10 years and have helped numerous dog parents like you have a fulfilling and downright fantastic relationship with their dogs.

While dogs can be our best friends, their behavior can also be the source of anxiety when we find ourselves at a loss for how to communicate with them. I’ve been where you are and I get it. This whole “raising a four legged floof child” thing is HARD. We’ll work together to come up with a strategy to take your relationship with your dog to the next level, so you have the sidekick you always wanted. I want you to be able to enjoy life with your dog and we’ll be able to do that by fostering a relationship based on clear communication between you and your dog.

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