Let us do the teaching, so you can get to the reinforcing!

Send your dog to Camp Northern Bound K9! Each dog is different, which is why each program will be tailor made to fit your dog and achieve your goals. Your dog will play, train, and sleep in my home. By taking your dog out of his home environment, we can start with a clean slate where new rules and positive behaviors can be put into place.

*Behavior cases will require a minimum of 3 weeks

Stay and Train

Jenn and Northern Bound K9 are amazing. Jenn trained my Ollie, a giant breed puppy, when he was about 4 months old. He was extremely big for his age and full of energy! But a ball of love and fluff. Jenn treated him like he was her own. I had a shoulder injury that I needed surgery for so it was really important that Ollie learn not to pull. Jenn understood that Ollie was not just a pet, he was my baby. He would be sleeping with me. Traveling with me. Doing things with me. He is a member of my family. Jenn treated him and trained him like a member of her family. She talked to him with love and cares for him as if he was her own. So much so, that the love my puppy has for Jenn is adorable. When he hears her voice on a video or on the phone he gets so excited! It’s like he hears his girlfriend! But most importantly, Ollie is trained! We have done 2 or 3 board and trains that all coincided with work travel. I had Jenn train Ollie on the e-collar which has been so helpful for bringing Ollie to the beach off leash in the summer. Ollie is now 17 months, he follows all commands off leash, he is the sweetest most loving puppy. He is still silly and goofy. You have to do the homework! But Jenn give your dog the education and you the fundamentals! We’re already planning a refresher!!! Ollie loves his girlfriend!!

I was in a panic trying to find a trainer after my landlord gave me a warning about my rescue dog’s (Lola) aggressive behavior. Jennifer was a prayer answered. She took the time to understand the root cause of Lola’s issues, then developed a training program to correct the behavior. Most importantly, she taught me how to work with Lola, which was crucial to Lola’s transformation. Because of Jenn and her kindness, tenacity, genuine love of dogs, and experience, Lola is a changed dog. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
-Michelle H.

We can't recommend Jenn enough! She came to us highly rated from friends and did not disappoint. We wanted training specific to leash pulling and leash aggression with our 2 year old Samoyed. We did an individual lesson with her prior to committing to a 3-week board & train program that completely changed our dog's leash behavior for the better. We saw a huge improvement at the halfway lesson and now have little to no issues with pulling on leash as our pup is happy to walk beside us in unison. We are so thankful to Jenn and her training practices.
-Danielle F. 

Jennifer has been fantastic working with my rescue Sadie. She is responsive and available in between sessions and is clearly in our corner to make sure we have our best life together! Jennifer’s balanced training methodology has helped Sadie and I so much on our journey. Sadie’s time during her board and train helped her so much and it is all thanks to Jennifer.
-Lindsey P.

I will never forget the day Jenn came to meet Tucker. I said “this dog is awful!” but Jenn took him out for a lesson, brought him back an hour later and Tucker was a changed dog! He walked into the house, went straight to his bed, and just went to sleep. He was so tired! Within a few sessions, we saw a huge improvement! I 110% recommend Jenn, and Tucker misses her dearly!
-Carissa D.

Kind Words 

This is a great option for puppies five months and older & low-key, easy-going dogs. If you  are looking to start off on the right foot with your pup or need some help fine tuning your dog's foundational training, this program is for you!

During their one week stay your dog will learn:

Junior Wilderness Explorer-1 Week

Loose leash walking
Place, sit and down with light duration
Impulse control and waiting at thresholds 
The Junior Wilderness Explorer Program Includes:
A 1 hour long go home session
Training Collar 
A 30+ page ebook 
Future Boarding Privileges and Access to Pack Walks
A Bath and Nail Trim

This is an ON LEASH only program.

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Investment: $1475 (+ CT State sales tax)

Wilderness Explorer-
2 weeks

Wilderness Explorer-2 Weeks

This is the perfect program for dogs who love to jump on their humans, run at breakneck speed through doorways, pull on the leash, counter surf, and engage in other fun-for-them-but-not-so-great-for-us behaviors. Dogs must be crate trained in order to sign up to be a Wilderness Explorer, and have no major behavioral issues.

Your Dog Will Learn:
Loose leash walking, with no more barking/lunging/pulling
Impulse control at doorways
Calmness in the car and crate
The ability to settle in public places 
Nuisance behaviors like jumping will be addressed and redirected into positive, healthy behaviors
Socialization at a rate that suits your dog
The Wilderness Explorer Program Includes:
A 1.5 hour long go home session
Training Collar and Mini Educator Ecollar (Optional-Over $300 in value)
A 30+ Page Ebook
2 follow up lessons at my home (or within 45 minutes of me) within six months of program's end
One year unlimited support via phone/text/email
A bath and nail trim
Future boarding privileges and access to pack walks 

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Investment: Startst at $2425 (+ Ct state sales tax)

We do not like to rush the process here, and instead focus on your dog's state of mind. If you elect to add ecollar into your two week program, your dog will be started on the ecollar and then YOU will be coached how to transition your dog to fully off leash once they are home.

This program is not for dogs with severe behavioral issues (separation anxiety, extreme fear/reactivity, resource guarding etc.) 

Ultimate Adventure Buddy-4Weeks

As our most popular program, this program will give you and your dog the off leash freedom to live life's greatest adventures together!
This is truly a doggy "bootcamp," in which your dog will not only learn foundational skills both on and off leash, but will receive a full mindset reset. 
This program is also for our behavioral modification cases (resource guarding, extreme reactivity, anxiety, etc.)

Your Dog Will Learn:
Heel (Walking next to you nicely) both on and off leash
Recall (coming when called) around distractions
Impulse control at doorways
The ability to settle in public places
Calmness in the crate
Out/Drop it
Nuisance behaviors addressed and redirected 
Socialization at a rate that suits your dog
This Program Includes:
A 2 hour go home session
Training Collar and Mini Educator Ecollar ($300+ Value)
A 30+ Page Ebook
Lifetime support via phone/email/text
4 follow up lessons to be used within one year from program's end
Future boarding privileges and access to pack walks
A Bath and nail trim 

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investment: starts at $4275 (+Ct state sales tax)

*Price of program may vary based on the degree of of your dog’s behavioral issues and will be discussed after reviewing your questionnaire during the follow-up phone call. *There is a chance additional weeks may be required at a cost of $500.00-$950.00 per week (depending on your dog’s training needs) to resolve your dog’s behavior issue(s). You will be informed within the first week of your dog’s Board and Train, if any additional weeks are needed. Occasionally, dogs require more time if they are really struggling with aggression, anxiety or fear.

Puppy Pathfinder

Are you welcoming a fluffy family member to your pack? The Puppy Pathfinder program is perfect for the motivated owner who is ready to get their pup started on the right foot. Referred to as our puppy raising program, this program is our best value yet and will walk you through the first year of your pup's life and includes:
8 weeks of board and train style training, split into 2 week increments.
Your puppy will come and stay with me for 2 weeks beginning at 8-12 weeks of age, and then come home for 4-6 weeks. We will repeat this process for 8 weeks of total training.
1 Hour long go home sessions at the end of each training period
A comprehensive go home packet and ebook for each stage of puppy's training
A slip leash/training collar
Kuranda Bed
Mini Educator Ecollar
Life time support via email, text and phone
Future boarding privileges and access to pack walks
A Bath and nail trim

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investment: $6875 (+ Ct state sales tax)

*This program covers all foundational training through all life stages including: potty training, crate training, husbandry and handling, on leash foundation, and advanced off leash obedience

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